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Sarah McGuinness

Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW)




Sarah McGuinness is a mental health champion and one of New Zealand’s leading workplace wellbeing experts.

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in corporate wellbeing and behaviour change and has supported well-known organisations to improve the wellbeing of their people, including Sealord, the NHS, nib and Weta. She draws on her honours degree in psychology and degree in communication, training in health behaviour, fitness and facilitation, plus a 15+ year career in the corporate sector specialising in leadership and organisational development in Australia and New Zealand which included an award-winning program.

Her research on midlife eating attitudes and body dissatisfaction, published in the New Zealand Journal of Psychology, continues to be cited in leading literature. Sarah is determined to reduce stigma and improve conversations around mental health. Her perspective is informed by her professional expertise and her lived experience of burnout, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. It is also informed by her father’s experience of chronic work stress as a Chief Financial Officer, and his reflections on what he would have done differently to improve his health and wellbeing. She has been featured in the media and regularly presents to workplaces - inspiring and motivating people to take thoughtful steps towards positive change.

Currently, Sarah is the CEO/Founder of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing (ROW). ROW helps wellbeing leaders to be change makers and to create better workplaces, together. With a fast-growing community of wellbeing leaders from organisations around the globe, ROW is dedicated to helping leaders to develop professional expertise, access practical tools and resources, and network with peers and experts to meaningfully improve workplace wellbeing. As an entrepreneur, mum and someone has worked in large corporations, Sarah understands the challenges of balancing competing demands and can quickly develop a rapport with audiences that leaves them feeling inspired, connected, and understood.


Wellbeing: The issue too important to ignore


Arboriculture, known for its physically demanding labour, long working hours, and high-pressure environments, can sometimes downplay the significance of wellbeing. But the challenges faced by those within the industry are undeniable, impacting individuals both personally and professionally. Mental health issues, stress, and psychosocial factors all play a role in the wellbeing and safety of the workforce.

In this session, Sarah McGuinness, celebrity speaker and Founder/CEO of Revolutionaries of Wellbeing, will bring her powerful message for action, based on the latest evidence, her work with organisations around New Zealand, and her own lived experience.

She will take you on a journey to understand how you and your organisation have the power to unlock wellbeing and drive sustainable performance across your business.

This keynote isn't just a talk; it's an engaging and interactive session, with real-life stories, practical tools and resources, and professional guidance.

As part of the presentation, Sarah will weave in her fascinating lived experience of burnout. Sarah’s burnout story has been featured extensively across New Zealand media, establishing her as a renowned burnout prevention advocate in New Zealand. She will guide you through her personal journey of reaching a crisis point and the subsequent recovery and providing crucial insights into mental health, its profound impacts, and actionable strategies for recovery.

While mental health is a central theme, this keynote also delves into broader factors, including psychosocial safety, creating cultures of wellbeing, optimising work practices, and more, all tailored to the distinctive challenges faced by the arboriculture industry.

Crucially, it also addresses the barriers and misconceptions so that you can develop deeper self-awareness and greater self-confidence to unleash human potential on a day-to-day basis.

In a field where the health and safety of staff is critical, Sarah’s keynote is a must-listen. Join us and discover how you can become a champion of wellbeing, driving meaningful change and ensuring the overall health and safety of your workforce.

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