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Jesse Coleman

Kōwhai Treecare




Jesse Coleman is the Owner of Kōwhai Treecare. With a professional tenure spanning 14 years within the arboriculture industry, Jesse has dedicated a substantial portion of this time to working across various corners of the globe, living out the quintessential arborist's dream.

Throughout Jesse's career, they have been fortunate to engage in and lead extensive projects, often involving the utilisation of cranes and helicopters. However, it must be admitted that the most fulfilling and enjoyable aspect of their work is pruning and taking care of mature trees.

In May 2018, Jesse made the pivotal decision to return to New Zealand and embark on the journey of establishing their own company. Since then, it's been all go as Kōwhai Treecare continues to develop and expand. During their time back in New Zealand, Jesse had the pleasure of meeting their partner, Golde, and together they have recently welcomed a new member into their family, a rescue dog named Moss.


The Mauao Blackhawk Project


The Mauao Blackhawk project was a real adventure that proves thinking outside the box, along with careful planning, can create big things. During our presentation, we will be discussing the reasons behind our methodology, the ins and outs of organising a job of this scale, but more importantly… why?

During this project, the team lifted 26 large trees growing on the remains of three areas of cultural and historical significance. The site's sensitivity, its location, and the sheer size of the trees made it a unique and challenging task for the team, ultimately resulting in the successful completion of the Mauao Blackhawk project.

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