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Chris Harrison

Easy Big Trees

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A tree man through and through, Chris is the Managing Director of Easy Big Trees and can normally be found somewhere in the shadow of a tree, where he’s thinking of a new idea or ways to improve the nursery. It’s always been this way too. Chris grew up in the business, which was started by his Grandfather, playing around trees as a child after school, and in the holidays. Benefiting from the wisdom and experience of family members, Chris eagerly soaked up every bit of knowledge he could, and he regularly travels overseas to seek out advancements in horticulture to bring back to Southland. Easy Big Trees remains a family business and Chris’ grandchildren can be found doing exactly what he did as a youngster, helping their grandfather and playing around the nursery.


Creating a World of Beauty with Easy Big Trees


Easy Big Trees is a 4th generation family business. For over 100 years they’ve been planting, nursing and growing trees and shrubs in New Zealand. This presentation will share some of that history, bringing the story up to the present day and where they see the business going in the future as they are driven forward by their collective purpose of ‘create a world of beauty’. They’ll detail how Create a World of Beauty drives the business forward, as they look to benefit people, places and the planet. This includes how Easy Big Trees has invested in biosecurity, became Plant Pass Certified, and how they nurse and care for the trees at the nursery. Then Chris will take the audience on a ‘virtual tour’, using videos and images to peer behind the curtain to see what really happens at a tree nursery, adding context and sharing a few secrets from his family's long involvement in the industry.

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