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Callum McIntyre

Natural Growth Partners

Tree Coach



Callum is the Head of Sales for Natural Growth Partners (NGP), the makers of Tree Coach, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

He grew up in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne, with the picturesque Sherbrooke Forest, a sub-tropical rainforest, as his back yard.

Consequently he loves natural beauty and appreciates all of the benefits a healthy natural environment brings.

He has had a wide variety of roles in various industries over his working career including automative experience, a trade, Sales, Business Consulting, Senior Management within arms of the Healthcare space, and Board memberships of Not-For-Profits.

Callum joined NGP in November 2020 and has been soaking up the 60+ years of combined Commercial Landscaping experience behind the company.

Since the first national launch of Tree Coach across Australia in February 2021, there is now over 90 Councils across Australia that are either buying or actively trialling the revolutionary Tree Coach solution.

In 2022, NGP teamed up with Stacy Colyer, Nick Patterson and the team at Landscape and Grower Supplies and they took Tree Coach across New Zealand.

Now there are 10 locations, spanning the country top to bottom, of Tree Coach trials with Wellington and Christchurch now purchasing and installing on their own.

Callum is coming to the NZ Arb Conference to speak about the big picture and how that translates to sustainable results on the ground.


Insights to Build Momentum


Callum has come to share 'Insights to Build Momentum’ from high level work in Australia and how that relates to the same high level work being done in New Zealand.

He will bring to light the great work being done by the NZ Arb Board in their campaign for green infrastructure consideration and significance.

From the Australian side, various Australian Standards relating to Arboricultural works have been collaborated and wrestled over for many years.

While that has translated into gains on the ground, there are improvements to be made.

The wider industry has ultimately benefited from the multitude of work that’s been done - Local Government Organisations, Contractors, and other stakeholders are all still required to do their part to uphold these Standards and they have their different ways of doing so.

Further, there has been great study done by Dr Greg Moore AM and the team at Burnley Horticulture, part of Melbourne University, into the ideal tree establishment.

These studies of such caliber and detail informed Tree Coach development and now Tree Coach consequently completes the chain of effort and attention required to raise healthy trees in our urban environment.

He will share some of the recent success stories and how anyone involved in tree planting can benefit today.

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