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Andrew Benson

Urban Tree Ecophysiologist

The Tree Consultancy Company



Alan Parker joined the Shady Tree Company in 1976 and with the help of some of his compadres, established New Zealand’s first true arboricultural company in West Auckland. Alan later worked for Treescape in Auckland before moving to City Care in Christchurch, and most recently providing technical advice to the Christ Church Cathedral rebuild team. Alan was the recipient of the 2022 Ron Flook Award but tragically passed away in January of this year. Prior to his passing, he prepared a presentation about his time at the Cathedral that he wished to present at the NZ Arb conference. The presentation will be delivered by Andrew Benson in accordance with Alan’s wishes.


Christchurch Cathedral Reinstatement: Management of 3 Significant trees on the site 2018-2021


The presentation will describe Alan’s involvement in the Christ Church Cathedral rebuild project and the steps taken to protect three significant London plane trees in the courtyards surrounding the cathedral, and will be delivered in a manner befitting of the late Alan Parker.

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