Working ‘On’ Your Business…

not ‘In’ Your Business

Tuesday 10th November 16:00 - 18:30

Paul Seagar - 5th Green

$40 + GST


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Many small and medium businesses in New Zealand are started by people who have a passion for their profession.  But being good at what you do and being good at running a business are not the same thing.  Whether you’re a one-man-band or you own a company with multiple teams on the go and in different locations, this workshop will have something for you to take away and improve the way you run your business.  This is an interactive session where you’re free to ask questions and talk through different scenarios with Paul Seagar, a Chartered Accountant who has owned his own business in an industry that faces many of the same challenges that the Arboriculture industry also faces. Paul will cover:

Financial Ratios & Key Metrics: What they are telling you about your business, how you should use them and what actions you might consider taking


Cash Flow Forecasts:  Profit is food.  You can live without it for a while.  But cash flow is oxygen.  You need it constantly to survive.  Paul will explain the basics of cash flow forecasting and what you should be thinking of if you’re doing them yourself as well as how to read a cash flow forecast and then take any necessary actions

Accounting Tips & Tricks:  As a Xero Certified Advisor, Paul often sees business owners doing things backwards, incorrectly or even not at all within their accounting software.  Learn a few tricks about how to do things quickly and correctly that will apply to not only Xero but all other alternative accounting software packages that you may be using.  If you can learn to do it yourself, it might lower the cost of your accountant or bookkeeper!

Job Costing & Job Profitability:  What goes into pricing a job?  How much does it really cost you to do a job?  Are you more art than science?  Or maybe it’s all art with no well thought through science at all!  Paul will walk through how to accurately price a job and then how you can track the costs throughout its life so that you know how much it has cost you and earnt you.

Job Workflow:  How well structured is your business?  From the time a lead contacts your company through to sending them a quote, doing the job and sending an invoice, there are many steps in between and many that can be automated.  A well-structured workflow will help do the heavy lifting for you so that you can spend more time generating new business and growing.

Q&A:  Got some burning business or financial management questions that you want to be addressed but want to remain anonymous?  Send Paul an email to before the workshop and he’ll devote some time during the session to address your questions.  You are also encouraged to ask questions throughout the workshop as well.