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Ko Matawhaura toku maunga, Ko Ohau toku awa, KoTe Arawa toku waka, Ko waiatuhi toku marae, Ko ngati pikiao toku iwi Ko zane toku ingoa. Zane has been a practicing arborist his entire adult life. Currently a lecturer of arboriculture at Manukau institute of Technology he can use his knowledge of purakau and Tikanga Maori to provide cultural context to his students surrounding the relationship between Rakau and Te Ao Maori. Zane has been engaged by arboriculture companies as a cultural liaison to assist with tenders with links to te ao maori. Zane is a passionate arborist with 20-year ties to NZARB and arboriculture, he was the recipient of the 2019 NZARB president’s Award.

Te Ao rakau I te ao Maori (The World of Trees in the World of Maori)

Mon 9 Nov, 16:30 – 17:00

Zane will provide an insight into tikanga Maori (Maori traditions) hoping to shine some light on the world of trees from a traditional Maori perspective. Arborists and Iwi working relationships have become more and more common in modern Arboriculture. Zane will share some perspectives on how an understanding of Te Ao Maori perspective can be pivotal in successful working relationships with Iwi. Zane will include traditional Purakau (stories) about some of your favourite Rakau (trees), he will attempt to provide insight into how he uses these purakau to connect young students to the world of arboriculture.


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