Wiremu and Marsella Edmonds

Tuakiri Limited (Sponsored by STIHL)

Wiremu & Marsella Edmonds are the Directors and presenters behind Tuakiri Ltd. Their journey into becoming health and safety advocates and presenters began in 2013 when they experienced personal tragedy.  Tuakiri (meaning identity) was born of a desire to honour all men and women who have lost their lives at work by changing the culture of health and safety in NZ and around the world in the hopes of preventing this same tragedy from affecting other families.

In addition to being workplace H&S advocates, they have both worked alongside families and communities helping to develop and implement strategies that eliminate violence, domestic violence and negative thought patterns. They have developed and delivered tools to help individuals and families to cope with damaged mind sets, learnt behaviours and destructive patterns.

Their Stand in The Gap Presentations are known for packing a punch delivering tools to show you how to identify and address the gaps that threaten the safe culture in your workplace.

Stand in the Gap

Mon 9 Nov, 16:00 - 17:00

Stand in the gap draws from a value base framework that will capture the hearts and minds

of the audience challenging the theory of production before people.

The message is raw and true, and identifies how easily things can go wrong on the worksite.

While delivered in this space, it gives real solutions to real problems that the work force can

relate to and understand.

Stand in the gap is the call of courage in the fight for what is right. The presentation will hold

you accountable while building your courage and inspiring you to make change.

The values of leadership will expose the impediments that destroy leadership, friendships,

families and communities. It will lay down the strategy to keep friends, family and

communities intact by sharing knowledge of personal experience.


  • A clear understanding of the impact that shortcuts and risk-taking attitudes have on

  • friends and families

  • Understand the Stand in the Gap values: protection, defence and courage

  • Stand together for a safer culture and working practices

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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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Lea Boodee

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