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Stuart has been involved in the Arboriculture and Horticulture industry for 35 years in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He is presently the Managing Director and owner of Arbor Connect Ltd. Stuart has worked for arboricultural companies, wholesale tree nurseries, Botanic Gardens, private landscape companies and a forest trust. Throughout his career he has been involved in providing services in arboricultural consultancy, transplanting and landscape works and growing large grade trees in nurseries. His client base included central and local government, residential property owners, landscape architects and contractors, property developers, construction companies, golf courses and schools. Stuarts interest in native flora and fauna has led to his involvement with Pest Free Kaipatiki where he is the deputy chair of the board and a chair of the Technical Advisory Committee as well as working with other volunteers doing restoration work in the native bush at Birkenhead War Memorial Park. Stuart can still remember planting his first tree, a radiata pine, at the age of 6 and since then has planted and maintained 1000’s of trees and plants from 1-litre revegetation plants to 100-tonne transplants and everything in between. Over the years, he has dealt with all types of planting and maintenance conditions and has built an understanding of what is and isn’t successful when it comes to maintaining trees in the urban landscape. He has also been engaged to troubleshoot maintenance issues for civic and residential projects. Projects he has been involved in during his career include the propagation, growing-on, planting and maintaining the replacement trees on Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill) summit and the supply, planting and maintenance of trees for high profile projects such as Aotea Square, Auckland CBD streets upgrades, Wynyard Quarter, Highbrook Business Park as well as many private properties.
The Do's & Don'ts When Establishing Planted Trees

Mon 9 Nov, 11:30 – 12:15

Often aftercare maintenance is the poorest cousin when it comes to tree planting and appears to be more of an afterthought to the species selection, soil and planting specifications. Drawing on his 35 years experience Stuart intends to take you through the essentials when it comes to getting newly planted trees established. He will be showing what he has found to succeed as well what has failed. He will also discuss how large contract projects should be handed over to the client once the contract has ended to ensure that the client has the security of knowing that the trees have been well managed and are thriving.
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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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