Shelly Davies

Rockstar Writer Trainer



Business Stream

Fri 4 Nov

11:10 - 12:20

Lessons in Badassery


Shelly stands as one of New Zealand’s go-to deliverers of business and technical writing training. With a rockin brand, weird photos, and 2 generations of offspring, (WTF!), ShellyDavies.com has been teaching business people how to be more concise, more effective, and more efficient in their communications for a decade, and winning awards along the way!

Shelly does words!!! Words for scientists, engineers, tech-geeks, and even numpties like the rest of us. If you need to use words to transmit information and you want to do it quickly and effectively, she's your girl. But boy, those engineers and government departments don’t realise what they’re going to get once Shelly’s in the room.

What they get is a lot of UNTRAINING – undoing all of the bad habits they picked up at university and through their careers. With hashtags like #writelikeahuman and #authenticitywins, Shelly encourages research-based approaches to writing in more authentic ways, with a natural voice that increases confidence and trust.

She’s also living a dream she didn’t know she had – helping people live more fully, more authentically, and more in their truth. She does this with a lot of laughs and a fair amount f-bombs sprinkled liberally through everything she does, even her website.

In both Shelly’s workshop and keynote, you’ll get a really good kick-in-the-ass to loving yourself more and communicating more effectively.


Over a decade of training people to use their voices more authentically and powerfully, Shelly found her voice (and her life) becoming more powerful. But how did that happen? Shelly shares some lessons in badassery that have got her to where she is today, including:

  • Boundaries

  • How to train your brain to be happier

  • How to give fewer f*cks what other people think

These lessons are hard-won. So don't think this keynote will be anything other than deep, raw, and REAL (you're welcome!).