Scott Forrest

Four Time ITCC World Champion (Sponsored by Husqvarna)

Scott has worked in the tree care industry from 1997 and has been working as a professional arborist since obtaining his Advanced Cert in Arboriculture from Wintec in 2001.

Throughout the previous 23 years, his career as an arborist has taken him to 30 countries around the world where he has either worked, climbed trees, competed or help setup, run and judge in tree climbing competitions. After achieving success through competing in NZ and in the Asia Pacific region he was able to represent NZarb internationally and went on to win the ISA International tree climbing competition four times and also crowned champion of Red Bull Branched Out 2019.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Mon 9 Nov, 14:30 - 15:00

Tales, travels, training and techniques.

From where a life of climbing trees competitively started, to where it is today.


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