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Rob Partridge has spent his career in product design and manufacturing, starting at Otago Polytech, and latterly leading product management at DMM, based at their factory in Llanberis, Wales. Working closely alongside other tree care brands, arborists and of course the Treemagineers led Rob to appreciate the challenges in the industry and some of the solutions it requires.

Specialising in textile design and manufacturing, Rob focused on bringing DMM's textile solutions up to the standard of DMM's innovative metal products, however the challenges of inspection and equipment management led Rob to focus increasingly on technology solutions. In 2015 DMM launched the industry-first, DMM iD solution, integrating RFID tags into tree care equipment.

Rob has recently returned to his hometown of Dunedin, where he has founded, to make work at height PPE inspection and inventory management achievable and efficient. works with manufacturers, resellers, and PPE users, making it possible to scan equipment and access the critical product information such as certifications and configuration/user instructions, and efficiently manage your equipment through its lifespan.

Tree care and work at height industries are about to take a digital step, and Rob is supporting the digital transformation throughout the industry.

What Does the Future of PPE Management Look Like?

Mon 9 Nov, 16:00 – 16:30

It's 2020, and equipment traceability is still challenging. When was it bought? Is it compatible? How long have I used it? Is it on-site? Did it go back in the truck? Has it been inspected? Whose is it? Rob will talk about the brands tackling these challenges and how a digitally connected PPE supply chain can make life easier for equipment owners and users.

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