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Pete is a student of human nature, and a strong force for improvement. He began his working life at a Dunedin scaffold company, where he remained for the next 15 years (at the same company) frequently getting dragged into office dwelling roles such as Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Training Manager and Procurement Manager. Every time, with some planning and much cunning he managed to escape the confines and politics of the office and go back to doing what he loved most – building strong, safe and extremely productive teams from unlikely people, all while battling the elements and exchanging high quality banter.

He was taken on by Clogger at the start of 2019 as the Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. A very free-thinking individual, he has brought passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm with him into the world of arboriculture and is working to improve the industry on many levels.

How to take over the world, the right way – The story of Clogger, the little Kiwi company that could.

Mon 9 Nov, 15:00 - 15:30

Clogger began as one man in a shed, as so many businesses have. Through a combination of integrity, intelligence, and a love of all things technical we have grown from such humble beginnings to be a globally recognized and loved brand in the arborist community.

Hear the inside story, warts, and all, of all that goes into building a global brand, while still staying true to our local New Zealand roots.

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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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