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After 13 years working in Treasury and Finance in London, Paul Seagar returned home to Auckland. Despite knowing nothing about scaffolding he purchased a scaffold company. Over the next couple of years his company nearly doubled its revenue without doubling its workforce or other overheads. Significant and sustainable growth was achieved by implementing new systems, improving culture, acquiring a purpose built hiab and sourcing more scaffold. After selling the company, Paul established 5th Green, an advisory business that works with small and medium businesses across the country and in various industries where his stated aim is to give owners a Balanced Business and a Better Life.

Growing Your Business & Measuring its Success: A Holistic Approach

Mon 9 Nov, 10:45 – 11:30

As a Chartered Accountant, Paul Seagar is well aware that profit is sanity and cash flow is reality for a business. But a business wanting to survive and prosper in these difficult times and then ultimately grow should be viewing its performance well beyond just the financial results. Paul will talk to you about how and why businesses should be taking a more holistic approach regardless of how small or large that business is:

  • What can and what should you measure and refine internally?

  • What are the lessons you can learn within your business with the right information?

  • Why external perspectives and perceptions are important and what could you do to enhance them?

  • Which financial metrics a business should focus on and which are simply vanity?

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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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