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Menno Kluiters

Dendrologic - Tree Consultants

Tree Consultant



I have been professionally climbing trees for 25 years, and I’ve been privileged to work alongside many skilled and passionate arborists worldwide. As a keen young man, I enjoyed nothing more than cutting trees down. That was until I met other weathered role models that made me realise the beauty and value of trees. 

After five years “under my belt” (harness), my real captivating tree journey only started to begin. Now, after dwelling in canopies for that many years, more and more tree-related patterns are recognised and understood. Even though I’m no spring chicken, I still thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my woody friends, high up in the canopy, and long may it last.

These days my goal is to provide better tree care and pass on the knowledge that trees have shared with me. After all, the trees remain my greatest teacher.


Post Gabrielle Trees in the Tairāwhiti/ Gisborne region


New Zealand endured cyclone Gabrielle on 13 and 14 February 2023. Tairāwhiti/Gisborne was one of the regions especially hard hit with multiple recordings of rainfall of over 400mm during that time. With the ground already saturated, rivers burst their banks causing unimaginable damage to infrastructure and property. This extraordinary event led to numerous whole tree failures but very little due to high winds as you would expect from a cyclone. The regions geology is the most erosion prone in the country and tops the charts internationally. Indeed, most trees failed due to erosion or more accurately whole hillside collapse. This has led to unique failure patterns and this presentation aims to highlight these. Other than dramatic pictures, this presentation includes a few case studies on single trees, erosion in old growth forest and silt deposits.

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