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Eastwoodhill Arboretum
With a diverse career in Arboriculture in the UK and NZ, Martin Weaver is the Curator at The National Arboretum of NZ, Eastwoodhill. With a background including Local Authority, Consultancy, Contracting, Business Management, Business Development, Product Sales and public speaking this breadth of experience has proven useful with his first position working in the ‘Charitable Sector’.
The National Arboretum of New Zealand – A Foreboding Past, the Stable Base & an Amplified Future

Mon 9 Nov, 12:15 – 13:00

“The largest collection of Northern Hemisphere trees South of the Equator”, “15,000 trees from 62 Nations”, “144 species and 1182 specimens at the arboretum are classified as being ‘threatened’ via the IUCN and their Red List of Species” Stats and Statements are great but what does it really take to manage a National Arboretum? Martin will briefly review the history of the Arboretum, what he has found since taking over in May 2019 and the real challenge of focus, delivery, financial stability and linking the collection to as many people and organisations as possible.
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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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