Lance Hare

Accredited Forest Industry Trainer & Assessor

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Practitioners Stream

Thurs 3 Nov

11:30 – 12:15

Adapting to change whilst staying Professional


Forestry pro, trainer and safety advocate Lance Hare, believes if the zombies were to arrive we’d all have a favourite ute, rifle or tool we’d grab. His would be the Husqvarna 572XP.

Lance has worked 40 years in the Forest Industry, 22 years of that as a Contract Treefaller. He is an accredited forest industry trainer and assessor, as well as a Safetree and Competenz moderator. He’s the Co-author of Forest Industry NZ Cable Harvesting Best Practice, a Forest High Risks Accident Investigator and Industry Specialist Expert, a HFM NZ Harvesting and Silviculture High Risks Manager, Industry trainer, HFM NZ Field Officer and H&S in operational tasks.  In addition to all of that Lance also provides contract harvesting services to Hancock Forest Management NZ.


In the Forest Industry Mechanisation has increased to keep pace with Risk reduction, however Manual Treefallers are still called on to fell high risk trees, as mechanisation has its limitations. The face of Manual Treefalling has changed, the skills required have increased but the opportunities to hone these skills has decreased.

Lance will look at some of the techniques that are required in advance felling and the management of training fallers to become professional treefallers in the modern era.