Kelvin Barnsdale

University of Canterbury

Kelvin has a background of design and operation of physics and geophysics experiments on satellites and shuttle-borne Spacelab II. Currently he holds the post of Senior Research Engineer at the University of Canterbury, NZ. His specialisation in UAV flight control and radio data/command systems has contributed to his UCDroneLab being a leading UAV research group in Australasia, and contributes to the UCDroneLab swarm research centre. He co-ordinates a bi-monthly national BVLOS UAV research forum, engaging with the NZCAA in new legislation for UAVs, as well as leading the administration a 100sqkm BVLOS UAV flight test area in the South Island.

Precision Pruning with Drones

Tues 10 Nov, 14:25 - 15:05

Previous trials show that a human pilot cannot guide a drone with sufficient accuracy to carry our precision tool work whilst flying. This may be because the environment is too challenging (weather, threats, or hazards) or the target work area may be beyond line of sight. To achieve the required autonomous accuracy and stability the machine must have a fusion of precision control and computer vision AI to recognise the task objective. The presentation will also give a broad overview of the UCdroneLab research work.

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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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