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Joe doesn’t like writing in the third person but he does it anyway. He is from a hard out little town called Te Teko. He has been a climbing arborist for a little over 3 years. His parents are both life long horticulturalists. His Dad has been a market gardener for over 30 years and his Mum has been a gardener and soft landscape designer for as long.

Before becoming an arborist Joe completed a BA in Psychology and was working in the mental health world for a few years. Joe is passionate about mental health and sees wellbeing as a priority.

Communities, Volunteering & Arboriculture

Mon 9 Nov, 14:00 – 14:30

Joe’s Conscience: So, Joe, what are you going to speak about at the Conference?

Joe: Oh crap, I better come up with something to speak about. Got any ideas?

Joe’s Conscience: Well you would want to choose a topic you have some experience with.

Joe: Well I am an arborist and it is an arboriculture conference so I bet the audience will want to hear about something related to that. I also have that bloody bachelor of arts in psychology. How about the positive psychology of volunteering and community engagement in Arboriculture?

Joe’s Conscience: Yeah there’s lots of good things about volunteering; like improving communities, completing awesome projects, meeting people. It has even been linked to improved mental health outcomes for everyone involved.

Joe: Yeah that seems like a pretty good topic. I could speak about some of the great community projects we have in arboriculture. Then I could highlight the many reasons why we should be celebrating and encouraging community engagement. There is a growing field of wonderful research establishing a knowledge base on how to get people to flourish. It’s called positive psychology.

Joe’s conscience: Positive psychology, that’s a cheesy name.

Joe: I know right?! But don’t let that fool you it is some pretty awesome stuff. There are links being found between volunteering and community engagement, with improvements in mental health, increases in self-esteem, belief in self-efficacy, and heaps of other appealing effects.

Joe’s conscience: Well the positive psychology of volunteering and community engagement in arboriculture is as good a topic as any, so I guess you should stop talking to yourself and start writing this presentation.

Joe: Thanks Joe’s conscience!

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Conference: 28–30 NOV

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Lea Boodee

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