Jez Partridge

Senior Tree Consultant (MSc)

Treecology Tree Consultancy


Practitioner Stream (joint)

Thurs 3 Nov

2:45 – 3:15

District Plan Tree Rules Relating to Notable Trees


Jez trained at Merrist Wood College in the UK and was a climbing arborist for several years. He then completed a Degree and Masters in Ecology and Conservation and worked on various ecological projects including a stint as a wildlife guide in the Amazon. Tempted back into the arboricultural world he then worked as a Senior Arboricultural Officer for several UK Councils and focused on development site tree protection. On immigrating to NZ in 2007 he worked for a large urban Council in the Resource Consents and then Sustainability Teams. He now operates his own business, Treecology Consultancy which advises Councils, Landscape Architects, developers, and homeowners on the care, protection, and health of trees. Jez is currently studying at Wintec towards the Professional Diploma in Arboriculture and is thoroughly enjoying the course.


What methods, formulas, and rules do District Plans use to protect the roots of Notable Trees and to what extent do these vary across Aotearoa? This question is examined in this presentation which follows a yearlong investigation of every District Plan in NZ. The information collected has been compared and analysed and results are displayed as charts and graphs. Overall findings will be presented and discussed and commentary provided as to how NZ practice compares with International practice. Is it time for the NZ arboricultural profession to wake up and smell the coffee, or are we leading the way in respect of best arboricultural practice in this critical area of Notable Tree protection?