Andreas Ross (Rossy)

Pro Climb Limited
Rossy is the managing director of Pro Climb Limited – Tree Care Auckland. His company is based in Auckland, New Zealand and specialises in tree climbing, horticultural abseiling, tree care and tree management. Rossy holds qualifications in forestry, arboriculture, and industrial rope access. His passion for a safer work environment in arboriculture helped him to develop safety and training concepts that he shares through training days and workshops. Rossy is also a consultant to Auckland Council, Food and Plant Research, Primary ITO and an expert witness to Worksafe. Rossy is particularly interested in the safety of everyone involved with trees - from the arborist working on trees, to the public passing below them. This requires a thorough knowledge of the risks associated with tree work, as well as the management of trees as low-risk assets. While risk is an inevitable part of our lives it can certainly be managed and reduced to an acceptable level.
Estimating & Calculating Forces in the Rigging System

Mon 9 Nov, 12:15 – 13:00

In this presentation, Rossy will show how force is generated in a tree rigging system. How materials we use in tree rigging systems and how the tree itself reacts to these forces? And how we can minimise negative energy developing in the rigging system?

If you need to plan rigging operations or you need to understand what risks are associated with them, then this presentation is for you.